China Wong
Title: 2018/5/14 5:24:06
fucking nigger
Title: 2017/11/29 19:31:40
Title: 2016-07-08T09:21:14.958-07:00
Great people and great food if you have a problem he will make it right. I work down the road love h
Title: 2011-10-20T09:47:39.187-07:00
food is always hot and fresh, staff is friendly
Title: 2009-12-29T04:32:58.248-08:00
Title: 2009-12-29T04:32:05.623-08:00
good restaurant
Title: Good for the money2009-12-05T00:00:00
Good food for the right price. Only one criticism...when you get take out, it is mostly veggies and not enough meat. But otherwise, very good for the price. And they always have your orders ready when you get there.?
Title: China Wong is unbelievable2009-08-22T00:00:00
Best Chinese in the area.... good prices, great food... Lunch specials for around 5 bucks with a soda. Best deal in town!!!! LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ...?
Title: 2008-12-03T20:04:00
excellent food/friendly people....just what the Mohawk Valley needs!!
Title: 2008-12-03T01:59:00
I love this place as soon as you walk into the restaurant you smell delicious smells.Ther owners are the friendliest people you would want to know they always have a hello and how are you today and the woman even knows what i order as soon as i walk into the restaurant she says same i say yes and we chit chat for a few minutes till my food is done and she always says have a good day, and most importatnly thank you i live a half hour away but will travel to eat here i will not eat any other chinese restaurant but this one ,
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