China Wong
Title: suggestion9/27/2016 12:28:07 AM
i think you should offer delivery service. you have the best chinese food in stafford, virginia
Title: info on web8/23/2014 2:32:31 PM
They need to haver dinner menu, info of what is in dinner or lunch and the order items. covers I would like to use the web because their phone had static and I coldn't hear. Thank you.
Title: Weekends not so good3/15/2015 11:16:50 AM
Food is usually very very good, must be a different kitchen staff on weekends. Went there today Sunday 3/5/15, food was very oily. Pork fried rice tasted like OLD white rice made into pork fried rice. one of our egg rolls was so soaked with oil we couldn't eat it. The gravy for the egg foo young was so salty you couldn't use it. The woman taking our order was not friendly at all, never smiled once and we DIDN'T get ANY fortune cookies. This is a shame because I really used to LOVE the food here. TOP 100?....Maybe not so much anymore.
Title: 2020/8/27 13:44:47
Please disregard order. I am in Virginia
Title: 2020/5/29 15:54:00
I've ordered twice from China Wong in Yorkville, NY. Service, and food, were very good on both occasions. They're very well organized, and both orders were ready for pick up in under 20 minutes. There were no mistakes, and I received exactly what I ordered. All the items have been hot when picked up, with fresh ingredients. I'll return, when I desire Chinese Cuisine.
Title: 2019/1/13 11:46:30
Please get delivery service,I love your food.
Title: 2018/5/14 5:24:06
fucking nigger
Title: 2017/11/29 19:31:40
Title: 2016-07-08T09:21:14.958-07:00
Great people and great food if you have a problem he will make it right. I work down the road love h
Title: PuPu Platter2/24/2015 8:33:03 AM
China Wang is huge, I LOVE their big egg rolls with a side of Hose'n sause and hot Won Tons slapp'n against my big PuPu Platter...
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